April 26, 2018

Noblesse Oblige

Our motto signifies that each member is to carry a high standard of living, loyalty to Country,
and Honor among women,especially for those with whom we are banded together.


Underlying the whole edifice of civilization,
as a rock supports the house or as old Atlas held up the earth,
is the thing called Honor.

HONOR is compact of all the best in man.
In it there is pride without egoism,
courage without stupidity,
loyalty without partisanship,
reverence without superstition,
gentleness without weakness,
conscience without casuistry,
justice without cruelty,
fidelity without stubbornness;
all that is admirable in man,
and all that is desirable in woman.

HONOR is the charm of the young and the strength of the old.

HONOR is a secret mark upon the forehead,
which no man can see except another who has its like.

HONOR is that look in a woman’s eye
“which makes brutes men, and men divine.”

HONOR is the peace of lovers,
the insurance of business,
the stability of thrones,
the secret power of statesmen,
and the patent of nobility in a gentleman.

Without HONOR, the nobility are vulgar,
the famous are infamous,
and those in high stations are contemptible.

One may lose place, money, health, and life itself,
yet if he holds fast to HONOR,
he is the winner.